• How To Find A Freelance Content Writing Jobs?

    Is writing a hobby for you? If your answer is yes, please do continue reading further. What if we say to you that with writing as a hobby, you can earn a good income as a freelance content writer from the comforts of your home in the timings that suits you most? The job of a freelance content writer is to write on the topic(s) given by the company that one is working for that has offered the person one of their freelance jobs.

    The type of writing could be varied from essay writing, blogs, website content, product descriptions, advertisements, etc. The word limit could be anything from around 100 words to 1000+ words. When the non-disclosure agreement has been signed between the freelance writer and the company providing the job, the rate per word will be mentioned which had been offered during the process of interview.

    The rate would vary from company to company and from writer to writer depending upon the level of writing a writer has. It also depends on projects that are assigned. Each type of writing will be valued at different rates i.e. blog writing could be 80 paise per word and product descriptions would be 35 paise per word. As mentioned earlier, it depends on the company that one is working for. One can look for such jobs in free classifieds.

    The other option would be to find for relevant content writing jobs in online job portals like Indeed, Timesjob, and Monster. Alternatively, one also has the choice to search for the names of content writing service providers and apply them in their site directly via their career section. Such jobs are abundant in number and with the right search; one can land a pretty good offer. Yes, at the start the pay might not be as enriching but with you working on your expertise in writing and getting a niche in a particular topic, the payments will become higher.

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