• How Classified Websites are Different from PPC

    Advertising is the key to any business. Businesses allocate a certain part of their budget to advertising and choose to spend on certain budget of different types of advertising which then convert to sales or leads. Among the many options for paid advertising, PPC is one option. It stands for Pay Per Click. In this form of advertising, the advertisers pay for each time one of the advertisements they have placed is clicked. In other words, the advertisers pay a small fee for their advertisements when clicked. One other type of advertisements is that of free classifieds.

    Sites like OLX, Quikr and Craigslist are well-known examples of this type of advertising medium. In these types of websites, an individual can register in the site for free and start posting advertisements for the sale of products and services. Registered users who are interested in buying that product contact the seller and if the talks go well, then the deal is struck and the transaction is done. This is the basic difference between classifieds websites and PPC.
    The next major difference between these two is that classifieds websites are free. There are no registration fees involved. While on the other hand, in PPC a small budget is involved as the advertisers pay for each click. Some PPC sites offer $0.01 or lesser per click. Sites like an Ads2020 Marketing have a lot to read about the details of these two types of advertising.  Adsolist is another example.
    These free classified websites is a local network of classifieds that is country-based. The listing of advertisements on it can be done by users with a simple registration. The various categories they deal in are vehicles, bikes, books, real estate, mobiles, electronics; jobs etc. These websites are also used by the users to sell and buy used items in the categories they are serving in. It is a great medium to part ways with items and products that are not needed anymore with the added advantage of attaining some cash too.

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