• Selling old mobile is now very easy because most people search for a mobile phone sometimes, they search for a used mobile phone as well. The main reason behind buying used mobile phone is not a budget because these days a low budget phones are also available but the main reason behind buying an old phone is to get better mobile phone with more features in less pricing. This is one of the major reasons these days why people buy old mobile.

    Well, everybody has their own reason to buy an old mobile phone because this is upto the user who is going to use a mobile and wanted to buy old one. There are lots of ways available these days because people are now buying and selling mobiles so some people use free classifieds and some people use old mobile selling websites. These types of websites are new these days but growing every day with new features.

    On classified website it is quite easy to sell any mobile phone online because there are lots of buyers who are looking for a different brands phones to be available for sale. Selling mobile online is easy enough to sell because on classified website the direct contact details are available for buyers to contact sellers directly. Whether you are new to these platforms or not new you can always search a list of classifieds website and list your mobile for sale.

    Many different websites which are now allow their customers to sell their phone directly to the website and they then resell their mobiles to their other buyer customers. Mobile phone selling websites are now very popular because they themselves verify the phone and accept but the only disadvantage is that the seller who can easily sell their phone in a half or even more price doesn’t get the cost of their desire.

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  • Selling paintings online is now possible as well because there are thousands of buyers who would love to purchase painting on the internet. There is various platform from where any person can purchase paintings because this is also a business which is available on the internet and most companies provide paintings to their customers and delivery the painting at home. Most of the popular companies often hire hundreds of painters.

    Well, this option is also a good one for buyers because all the paintings are hand made and original which can easily be build by visiting to their center or by ordering online. There are many painters who make paintings by visiting home as well because they believe that most people would love to get a live painting by the painter. Those who have just started selling painting professionally would always like to get their profession online without any investment.

    Free classifieds website is one of the easy and best option available for all those people who are seeking a quality platform to sell their paintings online and get more and more orders from various different of customers. These days making a painting isn’t that hard for painters but selling the painting is quite hard job in which the professionals have no idea on how to promote their profession as a painter on the internet where they should come up with classifieds.

    There are various painting companies and even online websites which hires but those who want to be professional would not like to work on a salary basis for which they would always choose a freelance painting career. On classified website anybody with a basic knowledge of computer can list their ad and start getting leads, most popular websites also provides a premium classified ads which is even more effective than free ads.

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  • Is writing a hobby for you? If your answer is yes, please do continue reading further. What if we say to you that with writing as a hobby, you can earn a good income as a freelance content writer from the comforts of your home in the timings that suits you most? The job of a freelance content writer is to write on the topic(s) given by the company that one is working for that has offered the person one of their freelance jobs.

    The type of writing could be varied from essay writing, blogs, website content, product descriptions, advertisements, etc. The word limit could be anything from around 100 words to 1000+ words. When the non-disclosure agreement has been signed between the freelance writer and the company providing the job, the rate per word will be mentioned which had been offered during the process of interview.

    The rate would vary from company to company and from writer to writer depending upon the level of writing a writer has. It also depends on projects that are assigned. Each type of writing will be valued at different rates i.e. blog writing could be 80 paise per word and product descriptions would be 35 paise per word. As mentioned earlier, it depends on the company that one is working for. One can look for such jobs in free classifieds.

    The other option would be to find for relevant content writing jobs in online job portals like Indeed, Timesjob, and Monster. Alternatively, one also has the choice to search for the names of content writing service providers and apply them in their site directly via their career section. Such jobs are abundant in number and with the right search; one can land a pretty good offer. Yes, at the start the pay might not be as enriching but with you working on your expertise in writing and getting a niche in a particular topic, the payments will become higher.

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  • Those interested in music would love to have a collection of musical instruments in their home. Someone who loves to play a musical instrument would love to own one. But certain times, in the above mentioned scenarios or any for other reasons, it is not possible to buy a new music instruments. Hence in such cases, people have the option to buy old music instruments.
    There are a few easy ways to buy old music instruments. One can go to a physical store dealing in the sale of old musical instruments. Alternatively, one could shop for one online. There are a lot of websites who work as a retail shop online for musical instruments including old ones. Then there are retail shops both online and offline that deal with just second-hand goods. Then there are those retails shops which deal with just old and used musical instruments. It will take a bit of searching but one can easily be able to find such stores.
    On the other hand, a person looking to purchase an old music instrument can search for a good one in free classifieds. Such websites is an online platform where buyers can search for what they are looking for in a number of categories including that of musical instruments. Such sites provide the registered users of their site to buy and sell online in a lot of categories including musical instruments. When you log in to your account, you just need to type in your requirements in different aspects in the search option and then click submit and then the relevant options get displayed. These classifieds also give the option of finding a seller locally from one’s own city as a result of which you can visit the contact address of the person, preferably with an appointment and check out the working condition of the old music instrument and then only give the confirmation of the purchase to the seller.

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  • The marketplace is full of a wide range of categories of items that are sold. Nowadays, with the advancement in technology, one can easily buy and sell both old and new items online. There are e-commerce giants like Flipkart and Amazon and there are local stores who have an online presence with the help of free classifieds.

    Groceries, Furniture, Electronics, Dresses, Clothing etc – anything is possible to be sold online with so much ease. There are specialized e-stores for a category of items. For example Big Basket sells groceries and Myntra sells clothing and accessories. Even though there has been an upsurge in ed-tech companies online which sell courses and offer teaching and training services. The list is endless.

    As a business owner, you need to analyze and research what is the target market for you item or product. Alternatively, you need to access how far would you like to market your product. If you are looking for local clients and clients from nearby locations, you can opt to sell your products online via classifieds like Sulekha, Craigslist etc where with just a simple registration; one can start selling their products. This choice is also good if your inventory is limited.

    On the other hand, if you have a large inventory, you can opt to sell in online stores like Amazon, Snapdeal, Koovs etc. Here, you will get a nationwide customer base. Just make sure as seller though, that all the information that you add in the description section is true. Building trust is very vital no matter where you sell; online or offline. Once you have customers who trust the way you conduct your business, you will get a dedicated customer base and also your business will be publicized by the word of mouth of the existing customer base.

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